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Our vision is to recruit, equip and empower an army of believers to pursue revival, societal transformation and God-glorifying creativity to bring in a harvest from every sphere and nation in Europe.

Our vision is to recruit, equip and empower an army of believers to pursue revival, societal transformation and God-glorifying creativity to bring in a harvest from every sphere and nation in Europe.

You are called!

You are commissioned!

Come join us in the harvest!

It is harvest time


Revival is already happening in our generation. God is bringing in His harvest in powerful ways all across Europe. Stadiums are full, workplaces are being transformed, and family members saved. The harvest is plentiful! When Jesus spoke to His disciples about the harvest, He told them to pray for more laborers. This school is about recruiting, training and equipping God’s people for the harvest. That means you! That means now!

Whether you already have a clear vision from God or you’re still trying to figure that out, we want to come alongside you and help you fulfill all you’re called to do. No one is called to run alone. Harvest School Europe will be a powerful time to focus on God, receive individual prayer and mentoring, learn from passionate leaders in many sectors, and connect with other people.

In the school, you will divide into mentorship groups to process, pray, and receive council. Our staff have spent many years in ministry all over the world. Now they want to be part of your journey and launch you into your next season. It’s your time, and we need your strength in Europe. Come and find your place in the harvest!

What to Expect

Our incredible team will live with you at the campgrounds, get to know you, pray with you, and speak into your lives. We will have powerful teaching times, impartation, training, and intercession. We will also sit around the campfire and eat marshmallows while we talk about God’s Kingdom and what He is doing on the earth.

There will be large sessions, outreach training and practice, mentor-groups, and practical breakout sessions. You will be taught by evangelists, intercessors, prophets, business leaders, and many others. Their stories will inspire you as you write the next chapter of your story with God. This is not just about a three-week school; it is about helping you to find your calling and get on fire.




Break out

Harvest School Europe is a three-week intensive training for the family of God. Each day will be full of prayer, worship, and teaching. You will be trained and equipped by many leaders and have the opportunity to attend smaller breakout sessions for more personalized times.

The school also includes dynamic opportunities with prayer and worship burns, outreach training and experience in local cities, small group mentoring, free time for connecting with other students, and so much more!

Many ministries are coming together to put on this school, and we want to give you opportunities to join their teams even after the school is over. We also envision groups of students dreaming together and birthing new ideas in teams. We want to support you in any way that we can, before, during and after the school.

You have a destiny in God and a purpose that only you can fulfill. All of the experiences in your life are part of the story that God will use to transform your family, your workplace, your city, and your nation.

More About Harvest School Europe

The vision for this school came about when Jean-Luc Trachsel, the International director of IAHM, Heidi Baker, the Co-Founder of the Iris Global worldwide missions movement, Mattheus van der Steen, the director of Gospel Music Festival and senior pastor of House of Heroes and Paul Manwaring of Bethel, began to vision together for a missions movement in Europe. What would it look like if God birthed a school where students could find their place in the harvest? How could we as leaders empower students to discover and develop their giftings, join with others, and live out their callings in all areas of society?

We want this school to be very practical, going deeper with God and helping you step into your calling. Maybe you have even gone to ministry school or mission trips or conferences before, but how do you translate that to your everyday life? How does your faith become a lifestyle? How do you overcome your fears and share the Gospel? How do you find your tribe and build deep connections? What are your unique giftings and talents? How can you grow in them? These are some of the questions we want to help you answer.

Many have had powerful encounters with God. Those moments when you felt God’s Presence and connected deeply with Him marked you and called you into something more, something so much bigger than yourself. Those moments sparked a fire in you that wants to burn and spread, but sometimes it is unclear what to do or where to go.

Europe Harvest School is a time to join together with like-minded people, learn from each other, and begin to run… we can all go farther together.




Mentor group

Break out

Practical information


5-27 June 2020


The Netherlands
De Betteld Camping
Aaltenseweg 11
7021 HR  Zelhem

Cost School Tuition

School Tuition: 450 EUR

What is covered?

  • Transportation to/from Schiphol Airport (in Amsterdam) at set times on 5 June
  • Transportation to/from outreach location and off-site meetings
  • Meals for the 3 weeks

What is not covered?

  • Transportation to The Netherlands
  • Transportation to the campground outside of the set day and time
  • Accommodation is to be booked separately – see below


In September we will send you more information about how to book the accommodation.

De Betteld offers a range of housing options with various characteristics, comfort and pricing:

  1. Individual Chalet, platform tent, or teepee (4-6 beds/location): 665 EUR extra
  2. Dormitory Housing (4 beds/room, shared bathrooms): 445 EUR extra
  3. Camping (bring your tent or caravan): 175 EUR extra

*Some scholarships are available for students coming from lower income countries. Please email us for details.

Each student will pay the tuition cost and accommodation cost. All students are strongly encouraged to spend the three weeks living on site with us. This will give you the maximum benefit as you spend your free time building connections with others and reflecting on what was shared and what God is doing in you personally. Plus, we have a full schedule and you won’t want to miss out on anything!

Accepted students will receive another email with more details about the facilities and payment information for accommodation costs.


The Netherlands

The Netherlands
De Betteld Camping
Aaltenseweg 11
7021 HR  Zelhem

Questions & Answers

What language is the school in?

The school is in English. It will also be translated into Dutch.
If there are enough students from another language group, we are open to considering other translations. Let us know if this is relevant to you.

Do I have to stay at the campground?

Staying at the campground is highly recommended. We will have evening meetings and all-night prayer events. The meals will be included with the accommodation package and meal times will be a special place for connection with other students, staff and speakers. In special circumstances, we will consider commuter students. Please note this on your application, and we can discuss the possibilities with you.

What is included in the costs?

School Tuition: 895 euros.

Accommodation Cost (varies by option, see below):

1. Individual/Family House: 1550 euros
2. Shared House: 1335 euros
3. Tents: 1050 euros

What is covered?
-Transportation to/from Schiphol Airport (in Amsterdam) at set times on 5 June
-Transportation to/from outreach location and off-site meetings
-Accommodation and meals for the 3 weeks

What is not covered?
-Transportation to The Netherlands
-Transportation to the campground on another day or time

Can I come for part of the school?

No. This is a unique 3-week time for you to be equipped and trained. An important component will be group time where you will process and pray with other students. It is not possible to attend part of the school.

There will be several one-night events during the school that are open to the public, but normal class times will be limited to the students and staff.

Can families come to the school?

Sorry, but we will not provide childcare or a children’s program. If you feel your children are old enough to attend classes (15+), this might be possible. If you want more information about this, please email our team.

Is there childcare?

No, sorry. We will not have childcare at the school.

Is the school wheelchair accessible?

The location is accessible for disabled people, though some of the grounds are gravel or dirt paths. Do you use a wheelchair? Let us know in advance so we can reserve a place in the meetings and accommodations.

Can I pay for the school in installments?

Yes, paying by monthly installments is an option. More info here. Some scholarships are also available, especially for students from lower income countries. Please email us for more information.

What if my plans change and I can’t attend?

Refunds will be possible within 30 days of registration if your plans change and you cannot attend. After that, a refund is no longer possible. (If an emergency happens please contact us, and we will do our best to help.)

Join the harvest

Harvest School Europe Early Bird ticket

What you get:
  • 3 weeks of training and equipping
  • Classes with powerful, diverse teachers
  • Small group mentoring and prayer
  • Break-out sessions
  • Outreach training and outreaches
  • Prayer and worship burns
  • Access to the Facebook group for the school
  • Meals for the 3 weeks


450 EUR
(Pay full tuition fee at once.)


3 x 160 EUR
(Pay in 3 installments in 3 months.)


These prices include school tuition fee and meals. These prices do NOT include Accommodation cost.

Accommodation cost will be between 175 EUR and 665 EUR extra. More information will be available soon.


5-27 June 2020
Zelhem – The Netherlands

Book now
pay full amount
Book now
pay in installments

On the next page we ask you for more information and you can choose your payment method.
By choosing to pay in installments you will pay the first of three installments, second and third installment will follow in the second and third month.

  • Cancel free of charge within 30 days
  • Early Birds get first choice accommodation

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