Dylan Long

Dylan Long

Speaker EHS2020

Dylan Long is a young man that burns with a passion for souls to be saved. His desire is for people to not just believe in Jesus but live like Him. For people, young and old, to move from a belief system to a lifestyle.

He was born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa with a rich spiritual heritage. He’s a third-generation missionary who attended Bethel Church’s ministry school in Redding, California. It was there that a major shift happened when he heard God ask, "What’s more important to you: Your fear of man or other people’s eternity?” Since then, he lives with people’s eternity in mind and aims to equip the church with that same eternal view.

In 2016, he moved to Germany to serve as the Outreach Coordinator for Awakening Europe, where he co-ordinates outreaches for up to 10 000 people in some of the most atheistic countries in the world.

Dylan wants to see the church equipped in righteousness and Jesus get his full reward!